Where is the drain on my Rockinghorse Feeder?


You will notice that the word, DRAIN, appears on the top of the spill-prevention rim of your Rockinghorse Feeder. It's understandable that you would expect a drain hole or holes to be under that word on the side wall of the feeder so you can tip it sideways to discharge any water that might accumulate after washing your Rockinghorse Feeder or after a rain if you plan to leave your Rockinghorse Feeder outside. However, please be aware there are no pre-drilled drain holes in your Rockinghorse Feeder under the word, DRAIN. You will find drill points, though, which mark the spots where you may drill holes if you'd like.    We understand that some people might not want a drain hole or holes in their Rockinghorse Feeders, so we left that decision to you, the customer, as you know what works best for your feeding situation.


Note: When drilling drain holes, it'€™s best to begin with a small drill bit and see how well the small drain holes work for you. If you determine that you would like faster water drainage, then you can go to a larger drill bit for larger holes.


Oh, and you might be wondering why we bothered to put the word, DRAIN, on the rim. We'd love to explain that! Should you decide to drill one or more drain holes, the holes won't be visible when you'€™re looking down at the feeder from above, so it'€™s just more convenient to know where the drain is without having to turn the feeder around and inspect the side wall to find the drain. With the word, DRAIN, visible, you can simply tip the feeder in the correct direction and discharge any water! There, that's simple!

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