Thanks so much, Marie Cornell!  We love the photos of Sizzle and the sheep!  So glad they (and you) are loving your Rockinghorse Feeder!

As our business continues to grow, we are reminded every day that there are no words to adequately express our gratitude to our loyal customers!  We sincerely thank you!

 Thanks to Major General Sal Cambria and Mrs. Cambria for your purchase!  We at Rockinghorse Feeders appreciate your business and are grateful for  your service!

To listen to a review of Rockinghorse Feeders on the Horse Radio Network, please click here:

Rockinghorse Feeder Review by Owner of the Horse Radio Network, Glenn Hebert (a.k.a. "Glenn the Geek") 

Once you've clicked the above link and the page loads, scroll down the page to episode number 387, and click the play button.  You can listen to the entire show or start where the Rockinghorse Feeders review begins at the 55:37 point.

Horse & Rider Magazine Feature!  Rockinghorse Feeders are showcased in the July 2016 issue of Horse & Rider Magazine!  We're on page 25 in the Solutions section!  What an honor to be included in this well-respected publication!  Great job and special thanks to Alana Harrison for a superb presentation and explanation of Rockinghorse Feeders! 

This feeder has really been a life saver. My young horse thinks it's really great to combine food with toys. It's a riot to watch his antics. So glad I found your product.
Wendy Lewis
Windy Hill Farm

Thank you, Wendy!  We're very happy to hear that your horse is enjoying feeding time even more with his Rockinghorse Feeder!

                                                                                    October 30, 2016

Another happy Rockinghorse Feeders customer!

Who says old habits die hard? It takes less than one minute with a Rockinghorse Feeder to end a bad habit! This sweet horse has had fun for a long time smacking his feed bucket with his foot and sending his feed flying. His owner does the right thing by feeding him at ground level, but when he would paw a regular feed bucket, the feed and all of his supplements would be all over the ground in a split second. As horse owners, we can relate to how frustrating it is to see the nutritious meal that was poured into the bucket end up in the dirt, along with the supplements and vitamins that we often add to our horses’ rations. Enter, Rockinghorse Feeder! His owner reports that after one go with his new Rockinghorse Feeder, he no longer paws at his feed. He tried it just ONE time, as you’ll see in the video, and after that, he was completely finished with the habit. Horses know that when they can’t spill their feed, they simply need to give up and chow down. : ) Watch quickly because this guy gives his feeder one good smack at the very beginning of the video, and if you’re not careful, you might miss it. His owner laughingly says she wishes she could get more video of him doing it again, but that’s not going to happen because he no longer paws his feed. That’s a good thing!! Rockinghorse Feeders are THE solution to the spilled feed problem, and they help end the less-than-perfect table manners some of our equine friends have been demonstrating for years!

"I couldn't be happier with my Rockinghorse Feeder!  I like to feed my horse in a natural position at ground level.  He was constantly pawing and spilling his grain . . . NOT ANYMORE!!  Thank you, Rockinghorse Feeders, for solving this problem for us!"

~ Mary Kent                                                         Mason, Ohio

Karina Busch, Halcyon Hill

We absolutely LOVE our Rockinghorse Feeders! They are literally indestructible. Expensive and worth every penny. This is the last feed bucket you will ever need to buy. Everyone I have convinced to invest in one has gone back and bought more of them once they see the quality. I have had them for months and there is not a single bit of damage. Babies, stallions, bucket flippers, bucket stompers, everyone. they can't tip them over and dump them out. It's like a heavy duty Weeble Wobble bucket. I am not sponsored by them I just think it's an amazing product that more people need to know about. Owner Dawn Hamilton provides great customer service too.

Karina Busch of Halcyon Hill is one of our happy customers and an absolute delight!  She owns a beautiful farm with beautiful, talented, athletic horses.  We at Rockinghorse Feeders are honored by your patronage, Karina, and appreciate your sterling review of our feeders!

Tammy Swanson

Review from Tammy: Rockinghorse Feeders is just what I was looking for but never knew existed! My Gypsy Vanner, Truly, was taught a trick of picking up his bowl after eating for a treat. He was super smart & learned this quickly! It was fun. His thought process was different than the teacher though... Anytime a bowl was in sight, empty or full of carefully measured powdered supplements, he would promptly pick it up and dump it to give it to you. If ignored, when he handed it to you, he would bang it on the stall bar similar to, say, a prison inmate. If you were lucky enough to be nearby, he may smack you enthusiastically with it to remind you he deserved a treat. A new environment didn't solve this. Disillusion of treats and many different bowls didn't change this. It made meal time frustrating for myself but most importantly for Truly. Additionally, I was growing more concerned of the loss of supplements.
I learned of the Rockinghorse Feeder on a HRN (Horse Radio Network) podcast. I had concerns that the bowl may not be large enough for a draft. Dawn at Rockinghorse Feeders returned my call and gave the best customer service. She went out of her way to be so friendly and explain her product. I received the Rockinghorse Feeder and was very impressed with the size and quality. It fit Truly with no issues. After ONE feeding - it was like magic -Truly tried to mouth and lift the bowl once, and it was over. It was as if he made the connection and the struggle was done. Dawn followed up and has given the best personal customer service experience.  I've continued to use the Rockinghorse Feeder for weeks now without any other feeding time issues. This feeder will surely last forever it is so well made.

Thank you!!

We're pleased to share this review from Tammy Swanson, another one of our happy customers. Tammy owns a big teddy bear of a draft horse named Truly.  Truly had a special and interesting behavior at feeding time taught to him by a previous owner and long before he got his Rockinghorse Feeder - details are included in Tammy's review below.  Truly is a Gypsy Vanner (an exceptionally large Gypsy Vanner at more than 16 hh), and he's shown in the video below enjoying eating from his Rockinghorse Feeder.  What a gorgeous boy! Don't you just want to hug him?!  Thank you, Tammy, for your awesome review filled with kind words about Rockinghorse Feeders!